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How to choose a suitable wiper?


Pay attention to "primary resistance, secondary strength, and tertiary resistance"

At present, there are roughly two types of wipers on the market. One is the traditional intermittent wiper, which is also the most commonly used one. The wiper speed can be adjusted in three to four levels according to the impact of rainfall on the driver's line of sight; Another type is the rain sensing wiper, which has been commonly used in mid to high end car models in recent years. The wiper can automatically adjust its speed according to the amount of rain.

A good wiper must have the characteristics of "first resistance, second strength, and third resistance". "First resistance" refers to corrosion resistance; "Two strong" refers to strong water repellency and strong adhesion with the windshield; "Three resistances" refer to heat resistance, cold resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. At the same time, good wipers should also be soft and not scratch the windshield. In addition, to ensure driving safety, it is recommended to replace the wipers every 6 months to 1 year.

When choosing a wiper, the first step is to clarify which specification of wiper is used in your car and the connection method of the wiper. The specifications can refer to the car manual, which clearly identifies the model of the wiper, and the connection method mainly depends on how the support rod and wiper rocker arm are connected. Some support arms are fixed to the rocker arm with screws, while others are locked with convex buckles; At the same time, check whether the rubber strip of the wiper is aging. The method is to pull up the wiper and touch it with your fingers on the cleaned rubber wiper. If the blades are found to be aged, hardened, cracked, or have no elasticity, it indicates that the wiper is not qualified; Secondly, it is necessary to test whether the wiper speed remains consistent and whether there is any uneven swinging or missed scraping of the wiper support rod. It is possible to test the wipers at different speed ranges, especially to test whether the wipers maintain a certain speed when working in slow gear; Finally, check the wiping status. If the contact surface of the rubber cannot fully adhere to the glass surface, resulting in residue after wiping or water streaks or mist on the glass surface, it indicates that the wiper is not qualified.

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